Who we are

Our Values and Vision

Simply put, we’re looking after one another. Driven by teamwork, integrity, and passion, we work hard each day to play our part in ensuring Bangladesh have a chance to share a healthy, sustainable future.

Building a Thriving Bangladesh

We’re a farmer-funded and farmer-run organization, and we represent the interests of the hard-working men and women, day in and day out.

Great People Make It Work

We are committed to leading the way with innovative research, providing essential nutritional education, and promoting healthy living.

Who are we? We are Smart Dairy Ltd. We’re also the dedicated and passionate employees of Smart Dairy Ltd of Bangladesh – policy experts, administrators, health professionals, marketers, researchers, and many more. Most importantly, we are you – because quality, nutritious Smart dairy Ltd is a valuable legacy for all Bangladeshi’s.

Our commitment to quality milk is at the heart of everything we do. It’s what brings us together as Smart Dairy ltd and inspires us to take great care in every aspect of our work.

The Many Reasons to be Proud of Smart Dairy Ltd

Our commitment to quality goes far beyond the nutritious and delicious milk inside every carton. It extends to everything we do and how we do it. From humane treatment of our animals, to a respect for our environment and steadfast adherence to strict safety policies – no corners cut, no detail too small.

1. Environment: We’re dedicated to operating sustainably, reducing our impact, and conserving the beauty of our natural environment.

2. Food Safety: We don’t put anything in our dairy that doesn’t belong there. All Smart dairy is free of antibiotics and produced without the use of artificial growth hormones.

3. Nutrition: We support the work of a large community of health professionals, policy makers, and researchers in providing comprehensive and up-to-date scientific reports on the role of dairy products in nutrition.

Selecting dairy products that carry the Dairy Farmers of Bangladesh Quality Milk logo is your way to guarantee that you’re consuming products with 100% pure milk or milk ingredients, made in the most responsible way. It’s also a show of support for Bangladesh farmers and their communities – our communities, our values. We don’t accept anything less than the best and you shouldn’t either.


Inspired by our commitment to producing quality milk, this is your destination for discovering the best that Bangladesh has to offer.

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Address: Smart Dairy Ltd.
Islambag Kali, Vulta, Rupgonj, Narayanganj, Bangladesh.
Phone number: +8809678100500
Email : info@smart-bd.com.